How to reset VMware Skyline Collector root password

So,  this blog post came from me trying to manually update my Skyline Collector and forgetting my root password. This is a very simple process that VMware does a great job outlining the process, but I’m more of a visual type of person. Therefore, I decided to show the process.

1.First,  take a snapshot of the Skyline Collector appliance.

2. Next, reboot the appliance and press  “e” at Photon OS splash screen.

Photon OS Splash Screen

3. Once  you get to the GRUB boot scree, you will need to enter “rw init=/bin/bash” after systemd_cmdline.

Photon OS Grub Boot Screen

4. After you enter the command, press F10 and you will be brought to a command prompt.

5. Now its time to reset the password. At the command prompt type “passwd” and you will be prompted to enter a new root password twice.

6. The last step is to reboot the appliance. Type “reboot -f” and the appliance will be rebooted. At  that point, you will have a new root password.

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