How to Manually Upgrade VMware Skyline Collector

  1. Take a Snapshot of your Skyline Collector
  2. Go to the Skyline Collector management interface, IP address or FQDN:5480
  3. Once you login into the console with the root account go to the Update tab and click check Updates
  4. Once you see you have available updates click install updates
  5. Accept the EULA
  6. Click Ok to “Are you sure you want to install updates.”
  7. At this point you will get an installing updates pop up.
  8. After the update is complete you will get a message saying a system reboot is required to complete the update
  9. Go back to the System tab and select reboot under actions
  10. Once the reboot is complete you can refresh your browser, log back into the management interface, and see the new appliance version.

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